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FundersLink is comprised of payment processing and merchant cash advance, software and privacy innovators who bring leading technology and industry expertise to solve some of the most important issues that MCA ISO, lenders and merchants face every day.
The result is a revolutionary, automated, and free cloud-based platform that protects all parties from risk while simplifying the transaction process to increase productivity and profitability. FundersLink matches merchant applications with the best lenders through a seamless, efficient, and completely private process that provides actionable information while maintaining the privacy of sensitive identity information. This can protect merchants and ISO. The platform also includes an independently managed fraud detection system that can compile and track merchants to protect lenders from fraudulent parties.
With powerful transaction tracking, communication and CRM tools, FundersLink’s easy-to-integrate platform also provides opportunities to transform the way ISO and lenders conduct business by unifying the entire process so that they can be from a centralized location, online or on a mobile phone, 24- 7. This is the long-awaited all-round solution in the industry-providing security, transparency, efficiency and convenience.
Driven by innovation and a commitment to good business practices, our goal is to help the MCA industry continue to develop in a safe and professional manner.

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